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A Mindful Parenting Moment for Challenging Times

Mindful Parenting Moments for Challenging Times
Challenging times. We all have them. Every. Single. One. Of. Us. I know this as truth from the sheer fact that we are all human. No exceptions. Period.
So, since we're all going to have rough patches, we might as well find something we can do to lessen their length, as well as their impact upon us.

Two Minutes to Calm
Here's a two minute video excerpted from The Joyful Parent 4-week Online Course. I wanted to share it because...well... we all need help and, sometimes, a little reminder that we need to step away and take really good care of ourselves, so we can take the best care of our children.

See if it doesn't change your frame of mind. The background score alone is soothing enough to just lower your blood pressure by listening. Try a couple of the suggestions floating across the screen and see how 2 minutes can turn everything around for YOU, so you can respond to your child in a more helpful manner.

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