Counseling Questions: Use in Counseling, in the Classroom or at Home

Freddy the Fox and Rocky the Raccoon Help with 
All Aged Individuals, Groups and Families!
Don't let the name mislead you! These questions are 
equally comfortable around the dinner table, 
or while on a long road-trip as they are in the therapy office!

Counseling Questions

If you're a counselor or a therapist, you know the amount of time that goes into intentionally preparing for session after session with individuals and families. Crafting "just right" interventions that are creative enough to keep their interest and keep the momentum going, as well as allow them to do deeper work with each passing visit to your office. 

Relationship Based

You'll never hear us say that anything is more important than developing trust, joining with your clients and building rapport, so that the best work can be done. It's an investment of time, energy and resources. How you "show up" to the counseling session is just as important as "what" you do in the counseling session. Only you can build those relationships in your own special way. We leave all of that to you. What we can help with is providing creative interventions you'll use over and over again, with research-based resources that are trusted globally.

Beyond Therapy

Guess what? These questions go beyond therapy and can even be used in a classroom, home or with a scouting group! Have at it. It's good food for thought regardless of your intended audience.

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Getting to the Heart of the Matter

If you're just starting out with a new client or family, the questions in this resource are perfect...but even better than that...if you've worked with an individual or a family for some time and need to re-group, overcome an impasse or inject a new direction in your work with them, this resource has you covered. 

Freddy the Fox and Rocky the Raccoon want to know...what are the folks you are working with thinking? What drives them? What do they most want to change? What is front of mind for them? How will they mobilize to get to the next step? Give your clients an opportunity to think deeply in a Q & A game-like format that makes answering questions more fun! 

What You'll Get

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